YW Answers Calls for Missouri Family Services Division


New Contracts

The Missouri Department of Social Services selected YoungWilliams to operate its centralized, statewide Family Support Division (FSD) call center, located in Jefferson City.  Under this contract, YoungWilliams will provide customer service for approximately 1,000,000 child support and public assistance cases.

The company has managed Missouri’s child support and customer service center since 2006.  In order to meet the requirements of the new, expanded service contract, YoungWilliams doubled the size of its call center staff. The additional customer service representatives will handle calls about food stamps, temporary assistance, and Medicaid generated by income maintenance clients. The State estimates a call volume of 195,000 calls per month.

YoungWilliams President Rob Wells, and Operations President Bob Johnson were on hand for the July Open House, greeting FSD officials and commending YW call center staff for their hard work and commitment.  Operations President, Bob Johnson, stated, “We have a great team here in Missouri.  The Project Manager, Rebecca Profest, is an outstanding leader, who has demonstrated an aptitude for call center management and a passion for serving Missouri citizens.”

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