YoungWilliams to Provide Statewide Child Support Services


New Contracts

The Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) has awarded YoungWilliams a contract to operate child support offices serving approximately 256,000 child support cases in 65 counties effective October 1, 2016.  YoungWilliams is currently serving 16 counties in southwest Mississippi. When added to its current contract, YoungWilliams will now handle over 300,000 cases in the 82 counties in Mississippi, making this a statewide operation.

As part of its contract with MDHS, YoungWilliams has committed to hire all public employees who currently staff these offices at or above their current wages and to install its state-of-the-art systems to improve legal services, customer service, case tracking, quality controls, and program performance. In addition to the current MDHS employees, YoungWilliams will be hiring approximately 100 new caseworkers and other staff during the transition.

Rob Wells, the firm’s president, stated, “We understand the level of faith that MDHS has placed in us. Based on our past experiences, I predict that Mississippi will become a model program for others to follow. Of course, the primary benefactors of the program’s success will be the children and families who receive financial and medical support. At the same time, our plan is to work closely with parents who owe child support to assure they understand their rights, are treated with respect, and have real opportunities to support their children.”

Based in Mississippi, YoungWilliams has offices in ten states and is the largest provider of full service child support operations in the nation.

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