YoungWilliams Opens Remodeled Office in Gulfport, MS


New Office

YoungWilliams hosted an Open House Monday, December 16, 2019, to celebrate the Grand Opening of its new and improved Gulfport location. More than 40 people were in attendance, including staff from the YoungWilliams corporate office, local judiciary, State Office personnel, and law enforcement to show their appreciation for the efforts of the local child support staff and tour the new location.

The original Gulfport office opened in early 2017 as the first of what would be 19 new offices to serve the needs of the Mississippi Child Support Program. From the start, we noticed several issues that would help shape the future design plans for local offices. The lobby was too small to comfortably accommodate incoming customers. The reception area was too cramped to effectively meet the needs of the customers and process the volume of incoming mail. The existing restrooms took up too much of the overall space. The shortcomings not only helped us formalize better standards for all subsequent locations, they were enough to convince us to take the lessons we learned and apply them in an entirely different building designed to meet the needs of customers and staff. The new office incorporates all of the YoungWilliams standards for a physical location, meets the needs of our customers with an expanded lobby and better reception area, and communicates our commitment to excellence.

Innovation is rarely linear. The Gulfport office grand opening is a physical expression of our company’s approach to innovative child support solutions that meet the standards of excellence that our customers deserve and our State partners demand.

Those in attendance enjoyed getting to know our local staff, interacting with State office personnel, and members of the local judiciary. Dale Currie, our Chief Financial Officer, said he hoped the Grand Opening idea would be incorporated into our standard plan for each new office we open.

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