YoungWilliams to Manage Intergovernmental Child Support Cases for Missouri


New Contracts

The Missouri Department of Social Services, Family Support Division (FSD) awarded a new contract to YoungWilliams to manage approximately 29,000 intergovernmental child support cases in which the custodial parent resides in Missouri and the noncustodial parent lives or works in another state.

In today’s mobile society, many parents live in two different states or jurisdictions.  Cases in which a noncustodial parent resides outside of the jurisdiction of the State of Missouri will benefit from special handling, which YoungWilliams will provide.  Under this contract, YoungWilliams will complete the necessary documents to refer the case to the state, tribe, or country in which the non-custodial parent has income or assets, and continue to monitor the case’s progress to ensure it is receiving appropriate attention from the responding state.

YoungWilliams currently manages intergovernmental child support cases in seven states, three of which border Missouri.  The company has expertise in this specialized area of operations.

YoungWilliams’ Vice President, Alyson Campbell, is responsible for oversight of this project.  Alyson is an innovative leader with over 33 years of experience in child support, most with the Missouri program.  YoungWilliams is also committing a seasoned project manager, Paula Taylor, to this engagement.  Paula has 18 years’ child support experience and over 7 years’ management experience.

Based in Ridgeland, Mississippi, YoungWilliams is the largest and most experienced provider of child support services with 52 full service offices in 7 states:  Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wyoming.  The firm manages over 545,000 child support cases and employs over 1,200 people, including 110 attorneys.


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