YoungWilliams Helps North Carolina Counties Earn Awards


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In August, several county child support programs operated by YoungWilliams were recognized by the State of North Carolina and the North Carolina Child Support Council (NCCSC) for their 2011 accomplishments and contributions to the State’s child support enforcement program.

The YoungWilliams-operated Union County program received two awards:

  • The North Carolina Child Support Council’s (NCCSC) “Excellence in Service Award” for the Union County partnership with Job Link and the Literacy Council “In Appreciation of their Creative Spirit, Innovative Approach to providing the highest level of quality and timely service to custodial and non-custodial parents.”
  • The State’s Certificate of Achievement for the “Largest Enforcement Collection on a Case” recognizing the largest collection in state history of a lump sum amount of $83,439.36 from the savings plan of a parent delinquent in his child support.

YoungWilliams provides a full range of child support services for over 5,000 Union County cases from its office in the city of Monroe.  In the last full fiscal year, collections for this office exceeded $9,000,000.  In all its operations across North Carolina and the U.S., YoungWilliams collaborates with community based organizations and fatherhood programs to reach out to parents, and help them understand their rights and responsibilities related to child support. Project Manager Tammy Pearson commented, “Our partnership with Job Link and the Literacy Council has allowed us to get our message to parents who may not be familiar with the services we offer.  Our goal is to be an accessible resource to both custodial and noncustodial parents who need help with child support.”

The State also recognized the Currituck County Child Support Program operated by YoungWilliams as “Most Improved” in the paternity and establishment area of self-assessment.  Annual self-assessment audits are mandated by the State and Federal Child Support oversight agencies to ensure compliance with federally mandated activities and timeframes.

The Dare County Program received a state award for “Meeting or Exceeding Goals in All Five Incentive Areas.”  The State measures county child support program performance in five key areas:  paternity establishment, order establishment, percentage of current support collected, percentage of arrears cases with collections on arrears, and total collections.  North Carolina  earns financial incentives from the federal government based on achievement of four of these goals, which the State passes on to counties.

Carla West oversees YoungWilliams child support projects in Currituck and Date Counties, as well as the North Carolina counties of Bertie, Hertford, Chowan, Camden, Gates, Pasquotank and Perquimans. “Since we began our partnerships with these counties last year, our staff has really focused on improving outcomes for children, and our efforts are paying off,” observed West. “We are proud to be recognized for our hard work, and will continue to do our best for our county partners and the families who depend upon us.”

YoungWilliams has contracts for child support services with twelve counties in North Carolina.  In addition to those mentioned above, the company has operated the New Hanover and Beaufort County programs since 2004 and 2006 respectively.

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