YoungWilliams Executives Co-Author Child Support Book


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YoungWilliams Vice Presidents Jeff Ball and Mary Ann Wellbank recently published a book they co-authored, “The Insiders’ Guide to Child Support:  How the System Works.”   Combined, Ball and Wellbank have over five decades of experience with the national child support enforcement program.  “We hope our book will help single and separated parents understand the laws under which government child support (IV-D) programs operate, and educate them as to their rights, responsibilities, and options. New child support professionals might benefit as well.”

Ball, a Regional Vice President, oversees YoungWilliams’ child support and related operations in Colorado and Wyoming.  He serves on the Colorado Child Support Commission and Colorado IV-D Task Force.  A nationally recognized interstate child support expert, Ball began his child support career in 1987.  During his tenure with the IV-D program, he was general counsel to and deputy director of the U.S Commission on Interstate Child Support and official observer to the first two drafting committees of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, which is the law in the states and territories that covers the handling of Interstate Cases.  Ball is past president and honorary life member of the Eastern Interstate Child Support Enforcement Association. He has a B.A. in history from Miami University and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Wellbank, YoungWilliams’ Vice President of Marketing, has been engaged with the child support program since 1991 when she accepted a position as Montana’s IV-D Director, where she was responsible for operating the state’s child support program. A respected leader, she is current Secretary and past president of the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA), and past President of the National Council of Child Support Directors. She was an official observer at the Special Commission on the International Recovery of Child Support and other Forms of Family Maintenance, which was conducted in The Hague, Netherlands.  She is an honorary life member of the Western Interstate Child Support Association. Wellbank holds a B.A. in English from Illinois State University and an M.B.A. in Finance from DePaul University.

“We are very proud of Jeff and Mary Ann.  They have both dedicated their professional careers to the child support program, and each has a long history of accomplishments,” stated YoungWilliams President, Rob Wells.  “We are fortunate to have them at YoungWilliams.”

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