YoungWilliams Celebrates Child Support Awareness Month


Child Support Awareness

YoungWilliams joins its public partners in recognizing August as national Child Support Awareness Month, a time to honor parents for the important role they play in their children’s lives.  It is also the time to spread the word about the child support program and the services it provides.

All states and U.S. territories participate in the national child support program.  In 2016, this program served over 15.6 million children with collections totaling $28.8 billion.  As the nation’s largest private sector child support service provider, YoungWilliams is proud to be part of this important national effort, managing 554,000 cases and collecting nearly $840 million last year in collaboration with its state and local government partners.

Divorced, never married, and separated fathers and mothers, as well as custodial parties, may apply for child support services with their local child support agencies.  These agencies, authorized under Title IV-D of the federal Social Security Act, can establish paternity for children who are born out of wedlock, establish orders for parents to provide financial and medical support for the children, adjust orders upward or downward if a parent’s financial circumstances or the needs of the child change, and collect child support using a number of tools, such as employer income withholding, and federal and state tax refund intercept programs.  Individuals interested in learning more about the services available in their respective states may click on the map of state and tribal child support websites on the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement website.

Additionally, most child support agencies are familiar with resources available in their communities to help parents overcome barriers to employment, find jobs, enhance parenting skills, mediate differences, and arrange for access and visitation.  Child support professionals can refer parents to the services that best fit their needs.

“We are dedicated to delivering the best possible services for our government clients and our mutual customers,” stated YoungWilliams’ President Rob Wells.  “For us, it is truly about helping parents understand their rights and responsibilities, so they can make well-informed decisions on behalf of their families.   We want people who enter our offices or call on the phone to feel welcome, appreciated, and confident they will get timely, accurate, and useful information.”

YoungWilliams contracts with state and local government agencies to deliver child support services, and has over 62 offices in 9 states.  Its full-service child support offices are located in Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wyoming, and the firm operates statewide customer contact centers in Nebraska, New Mexico, and Virginia, as well as a state disbursement unit in Kansas.  To view the map of YoungWilliams locations, click here.

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