YoungWilliams Celebrates Child Support Awareness Month


Child Support Awareness

Each August, YoungWilliams observes Child Support Awareness Month along with the child support community. President Bill Clinton established Child Support Awareness Month in 1995. It’s a time to spread the word about the child support program and the services it provides and uplift the employees who make it all happen.

This year, YoungWilliams is excited to highlight its offices around the country. Our full-service offices make up the largest accumulated caseload of any private vendor in the nation. In addition to full-service child support offices, we operate customer service centers and a payment processing center where our values demonstrate our commitment to our clients and those we serve: we prioritize people, do everything with integrity, we are always curious, and we make an impact through excellence.

Our annual numbers speak for themselves:

  • 59 offices
  • 1,500 employees
  • 196 counties
  • 215k walk-in customers
  • 461k full-service cases
  • 3.4 million calls
  • $488 million total collections across all child support offices
  • 1.4 million documents imaged and processed.

Our employees make all of this happen. Throughout this month, we will post about our project sites on social media. Our employees have been, and are, tireless in their work for families. Customer service is at the forefront of our child support offices, and our employees work many hours to communicate with and help our customers. During Child Support Awareness Month, our offices embrace the opportunity to serve customers in other ways including donating school supplies and organizing fun activities.

YoungWilliams is honored to be part of the child support community. We would like to thank all the professionals across the nation who are working hard for families.
#YWCares #Support4Families

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