Virginia and YoungWilliams Share Customer Service Award


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On August 26, 2008, federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) Commissioner Margot Bean presented an award for Exemplary Customer Service to the Virginia-YoungWilliams partnership operating the Virginia Customer Service Call Center (CSC). This award is given to individuals or teams for exceptional service to child support enforcement customers. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) submitted the winning nomination. In its narrative supporting the nomination, the VDSS concluded “the DCSE privatized Customer Service Call Center operated by YoungWilliams Child Support Services has transformed the Commonwealth of Virginia Child Support Enforcement customer service function from a significant program weakness into one of its greatest strengths.”

In an August press release announcing this award, VDSS Commissioner Anthony Conyers, Jr. stated, “Virginia’s call center provides unsurpassed customer service to citizens who rely on us to collect child support on behalf of their children.”

Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine echoed his remarks, “Virginia has worked with experts in technology, child support, and customer service to create a call center that is second to none. Providing answers to child support questions and access to account information is essential for parents.”

The location of the CSC Center in Martinsville in south central Virginia near the North Carolina border was a strategic decision to boost economic development in that area. The CSC currently employs more than 90 customer service professionals.

Providing services for over 350,000 child support cases statewide, the CSC is YoungWilliams’ fourth call center and largest customer service project handling approximately 95,000 live calls a month. Another 500,000 monthly calls are routed through YoungWilliams’ Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVR).

YoungWilliams has received other accolades for customer service as well. In 2002, the State of Nebraska and YoungWilliams shared their first OCSE award for the “Successful Implementation of a Call Center,” and in 2006, Nebraska and YoungWilliams shared a second award for “Exemplary Customer Service” for the Nebraska Early Intervention Project.


Photo of State and YoungWilliams Customer Service Team Sharing OCSE Award for Exemplary Customer Service:  Bottom row left to right – Terri Richardson, YW Training Manager; Pat Watson, VDSS; Gloria Anderson, VDSS; Charlotte Gilley, YW Deputy Project Manager; Lisa Shelton, YW Sr. Supervisor; Twyla Dillard, YW Supervisor.  Top row left to right – Glen Stratton, VDSS; Rich Stevenson, YW Facilities Manager; John Hale, YW Project Manager; Phyllis Sisk, VDSS; Bob Johnson, YW President of Operations; Tony Bacher; YW Information Technology Director.


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