Union County North Carolina Awards Contract to YoungWilliams


New Contracts

The Union County Commissioners recently selected YoungWilliams to operate the County’s Child Support Program through a competitive bidding process.  Union County is one of the counties impacted by recent state legislation that mandated county governments assume responsibility for operating local child support programs.  Counties had a choice between operating in-house programs and hiring a private vendor.  Ten counties chose YoungWilliams.

YoungWilliams hired all the locally-based state employees who applied for positions.  “We are pleased that most of the current employees accepted jobs with us.  Whether we win a project from another vendor, or transition from a state-operated program, we are always looking for experienced staff.  They know the program, and they know the customers “commented Bob Johnson, President of Operations.

YoungWilliams promises a smooth and seamless transition on July 1 without any disruption of services.  YoungWilliams will occupy the space at 1501 N. Charlotte Street in Monroe that currently houses the state-operated child support office.

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