Union County Awards Second Contract to YW


New Contracts

YoungWilliams has won its second consecutive contract for operation of the Union County child support program in Monroe, North Carolina.  The nationally-known company has been Union County’s partner since 2010, when the County made the decision to privatize its program after the State discontinued staffing and managing local child support offices.

YoungWilliams has operated child support programs in North Carolina for over a decade, beginning with the New Hanover County program in 2004.  The company currently has contracts to deliver child support services in 13 North Carolina counties.

The office has 14 staff members and 2 contract attorneys, led by Project Manager Tammy Pearson, and lead specialist, Klydette Lowery.  “We are really pleased that the County has selected YoungWilliams for a second contract period,” Pearson stated.  “Our employees are very connected with the community and are dedicated to providing the best possible service to the public.”

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