Texas Awards Employer Maintenance Unit Contract to YoungWilliams


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The Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG) Child Support Division has chosen YoungWilliams to operate its Employer Maintenance Unit (EMU).  This Unit is responsible for verifying and updating employer contact information and following up on income withholding orders to ensure that child support payments are correctly and consistently deducted from employee wages.  The Texas employer repository contains over three hundred thousand employers.  YoungWilliams expects to receive about 8,000 requests for verification and maintenance and 30,000 referrals for income withholding follow-up from the OAG monthly.

For this contract, YoungWilliams is introducing the next generation of its proprietary Y-Trac system.  Designed to manage high volume workflows, Y-Trac will be used to track and monitor all EMU activities from initiation of the assigned task through quality control and invoicing.  Using an SQL database, Y-Trac allows YoungWilliams to distribute work to staff members, monitor the progress of each task, record the date, time, and nature of attempts to contact employers, and generate management reports.  The Y-Trac technology will also consolidate all work related to an employer enabling EMU workers to make a single contact to follow up on multiple items.  This will optimize operational efficiency, and ease the burden on employers by reducing calls to their staff.  The state of the art Y-Trac solution has a variety of applications that can be easily adapted to business process automation, child support case work, information management, and transaction-based projects.

YoungWilliams Project Manager Tom Wallace has over ten years experience working with the OAG as both a contractor and public employee.  Most recently, as principal of his own firm, he served as Project Manager for a variety of software design and development projects undertaken by the State of Texas, including the 2002 prototype application of the employer repository.  “It is exciting to be on the operations side of a project we envisioned nearly a decade ago,” Wallace stated.  The employer database is the foundation for communicating with employers about child support.  YoungWilliams is committed to a great partnership with the OAG and helping Texas employers fulfill their responsibilities.”

YoungWilliams will operate the Unit from its new office in San Marcos – just thirty miles south of the State capital of Austin.   This location has allowed YoungWilliams the opportunity to interview and hire the previous vendor’s staff.


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