Teller County Colorado Engages YoungWilliams


New Contracts

The Teller County Colorado Commissioners awarded YoungWilliams the contract to operate the County’s Child Support Program beginning February 1, 2011.  YoungWilliams will also provide legal services, and outreach on behalf of Colorado’s Parent Opportunity Project, a program aimed at linking low-income, non-custodial parents to a variety of services to help them increase their ability to pay child support and maintain contact with their children. Teller, adjacent to YW operated El Paso County, has 400 cases.  The program is headquartered at the County’s Department of Social Services’ building in Woodland Park with outreach in Cripple Creek.

Jeff Ball,  Project Manager for Teller and El Paso Counties, stated, “YoungWilliams intends to provide outstanding customer service and operational expertise to Teller County.  We are looking forward to serving families in the community.”

YoungWilliams operates child support programs like the one in Teller County in the states of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wyoming.  Additionally, the company manages five statewide call centers throughout the United States, and has a reputation for exceeding client expectaions and providing outstanding customer service.

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