Smith Promoted to Regional Vice President


Congratulations (Promotions)

YoungWilliams announces that Jeremy Smith has been promoted to Regional Vice President-South.  In this position, Smith will continue to manage the Mississippi statewide full-service child support project and will provide oversight of additional full-service child support operations in the southern region of the United States as new projects are added. Smith has been employed by YoungWilliams in a management capacity since 2012 and serves on the Emerging Issues and Best Practices Committee of the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA). 

Under contract with the Mississippi Department of Human Services, YoungWilliams has managed the state’s entire child support caseload of more than 260,000 cases since October 2016. During Smith’s tenure as project manager, Mississippi’s child support program has increased its cases under order from 76.8% to 85.2%.  Collections increased to $370 million, representing an $11million increase over the previous year.  Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant commented on this increase in his January 15, 2019 State of the State Address, “…By privatizing this critical service in 2016, we have assured those who owe child support in this state pay it.”

 “YoungWilliams has had the unique opportunity of collaborating with our home state to serve our fellow Mississippians with child support cases,” Smith remarked.  “The Department of Human Services has allowed us the flexibility to bring organizational innovations and new technology to the program, which has resulted in significant increases in program performance.  We plan to continue the upward trend in key performance areas and improve outcomes for children.”

For over two decades, YoungWilliams has contracted with state and local government agencies to deliver services in the areas of child support, health, human services and other public assistance and self-sufficiency programs. Its operations include statewide customer service centers, local child support offices, payment processing centers, and intake and business processing centers. A focus on the needs of customers has earned YoungWilliams several awards for excellent customer care. Headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi, YoungWilliams operates projects across the United States.

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