June 2019 | Pamela Holcomb, Kathryn Edin, Jeffrey Max, Alford young, Jr., Angela Valdovinos D’Angelo, Daniel Friend, Elizabeth Clary, Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.

In Their Own Voices: The Hopes and Struggles of Responsible Fatherhood Program Participants in the Parents and Children Evaluation

This report sets out information gleaned from fathers during interviews as part of the Parents and Children Together (PACT) grant. The fathers were participants in Responsible Fatherhood programs. The PACT grant was funded to study the impact of the Responsible Fatherhood programs, the program design process, and to discover characteristics of the participants. The outcomes of the research will guide program design for future fatherhood efforts. This report complies the information about fathers discovered during an extensive interview process.  The evaluators interviewed 87 fathers to identify key themes in the fathers’ backgrounds and experiences. 

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