September 2014 | 53 P.3d 1234, 30 Kan.App.2d 1041 (Kan.App. 2002)

Skillett v. Sierra (Kansas 2002)

In entering an order of child support in a paternity action, the trial court may award an additional judgment to reimburse the expenses of support and education of the child from the date of birth to the date the order was entered. The Kansas Child Support Guidelines are applicable to paternity actions under Chapter 38 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated as well as to actions arising under Chapter 60. The purpose of child support is to provide for the needs of the child. The needs of the child are not limited to direct needs for food, clothing, school, and entertainment. Child support is also to be used to provide for housing, utilities, transportation, and other indirect expenses related to the day-to-day care and well-being of the child.

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