September 2014 | 126 P.3d 445, 34 Kan.App.2d 895 (Kan.App. 2006)

In re Parentage of Shade ex rel. Shade (Kansas 2006)

The doctrine of laches is an equitable principle designed to bar stale claims. When a party neglects to assert a right or claim for an unreasonable and unexplained length of time, and the lapse of time and other circumstances cause prejudice to the adverse party, relief may be denied on the ground of laches. Defendants in paternity support actions may not invoke the defense of laches as a bar to the enforcement of moral and legal obligations to their minor children. The rights of the latter are not to be waived by the inaction and passive acquiescence on the part of the mother.

In re Parentage of Shade ex rel. Shade.pdf

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