September 2014 | 253 P.3d 149, 2011 WY 78 (Wyo. 2011)

In re Adoption of RMS (Wyoming 2011)

The district court did not abuse its discretion by concluding there was clear and convincing evidence that mother willfully failed to support her child. The evidence established that mother worked at a daycare until shortly after the child support order was entered, at which time she voluntarily ended her employment, and hence voluntarily terminated her means of providing support. Although she testified that she applied for jobs after that, without success, she did not take other steps to improve her prospects of becoming employed such as registering with an employment service or finishing the GED program to enhance her education. In addition, when mother secured a job babysitting for her cousin and was paid for those efforts, she did not pay any of that money toward her child support obligation, despite the fact that her parents were paying for her living expenses.

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