June 2016 | 883 N.W. 2d 22, 293 Neb. 917 (2016)

In re Adoption of Jaelyn B., Jesse B. v. Tylee H. (Nebraska 2016)

A Nebraska court must give full faith and credit to a valid paternity determination from another state and apply the law of that state when making decisions about the parent’s rights. In this case, a lower court improperly allowed the adoption of child without notice to the legal father, whose paternity had been established through a paternity acknowledgment in the state of Ohio and who, under Ohio law, had the right to notice of the proceeding. In a companion case, Jesse B. v. Tylee H., 293 Neb. 973 (2016), the Court declined to address an argument about the constitutionality of the Nebraska adoption statutes and again found that a valid paternity determination must be given full faith and credit.

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