December 2017 | McKay, T., Mellgren, L., Landwehr, J., Bir, A., Helburn, A., Lindquist, C., & Krieger, K. (2017). Earnings and Child Support Participation Among Reentering Fathers. ASPE Research Brief. Washington, DC: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Ev

Multi-Site Family Study on Incarceration, Parenting and Partnering‒Research Brief

This brief presents findings on pre-and post-incarceration wages and child support participation in the five impact sites of the Multi-site Family Study on Incarceration, Parenting and Partnering (MFS-IP). Funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the study includes implementation and impact evaluations and qualitative and quantitative analyses of participants in programs providing services to incarcerated fathers and their families.

Findings included:
• Absolute incomes were very low for men who were employed in the formal economy in the year after their release from prison.
• Female partners of incarcerated men also had very low formal earnings before and after the incarceration.
• Some incarcerated and reentering fathers may be unaware of child support judgments against them.
• Reentering men faced increased child support debt after release from prison.

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