October 2021 | Jacqueline Groskaufmanis

Integrating Procedural Justice Principles into Child Support Case Management

The Procedural Justice-Informed Alternatives to Contempt Demonstration (PJAC) grant studied the effect of applying the principles of procedural justice to child support cases in which a non-paying parents qualified for a contempt action. This brief sets out information gained from the grant case managers about their experience working with the parents. Implementation of this model required a rethinking of the provision of child support services. The case managers had a smaller caseload, but the services were intensive. For each case, the case managers reviewed the case, did outreach and engagement, developed a case action plan, and completed case maintenance tasks. Challenges included the parents’ long histories with the program, the time involved with each case, and the broad range of work. Supports for the managers included training and a team for support and collaboration.

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