September 2014 | 965 P.2d 855, 25 Kan.App.2d 552 (Kan.App. 1998)

Gentzel v. Williams (Kansas 1998)

Provisions of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act(UIFSA), the Interstate Income Withholding Act, and the Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders Act are applied to the facts of each case. Kansas has recognized jurisdiction in the district courts to modify a child support order of another state based on the common-law duty of a parent to support his or her child and on equity principles. However, with the imposition of UIFSA, the common law is modified to conform with the statutory law. See K.S.A. 77-109. Consequently, the specific and limited situations under UIFSA as to when Kansas district courts can modify other states’ child support orders will control a case. UIFSA is the concept of “continuing, exclusive jurisdiction.” K.S.A. 23-9,205 provides that a state issuing a support order has continuing, exclusive jurisdiction as long the obligor, obligee, and the children reside therein or until each party consents for another state to modify the support order and assume continuing, exclusive jurisdiction.

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