July 2019 | 303 Neb. 494 (2019)

Dooling v. Dooling (Nebraska 2019)

This appeal addresses a case where the district court made multiple errors in calculating child support. The parents filed for divorce, and the district court set child support for their three children. The father appealed the order, making various arguments about the child support calculation. The mother cross-appealed, arguing the court failed to address the allocation of the children’s direct expenses. The Nebraska Supreme Court upheld the calculation of the father’s taxable income, but found other errors that warranted remand. It found that the district court incorrectly calculated the amount of the health insurance premium, the father’s retirement contribution, and the number of father’s days as the custodial parent. The Supreme Court agreed with the mother that also found the final decree failed to address the allocation of the children’s expenses such as medical reimbursements, day care, and other extraordinary expenses. The case was remanded for corrections and further findings.

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