Northeastern North Carolina Counties Select YoungWilliams


New Contracts

Recent North Carolina legislation shifted responsibilities for operating local child support enforcement programs from the State to the counties.  As a result, the nine counties chose to band together to hire a private vendor.

Carla West will return to North Carolina from YoungWilliams’ corporate headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi to oversee these services.  West has over thirteen years child support experience with five years as YoungWilliams’ Project Manager for the New Hanover County Child Support Program.  “I am really excited to be back in North Carolina.  We have retained the state child support professionals that have served these counties for many years, and we are ready to hit the ground running when our doors open July 1.”

Established in 1993, YoungWilliams has operated child support programs in the State since 2006, and has contracts with a number of North Carolina counties.  Nationwide, YoungWilliams has over 700 employees in child support offices and call centers in nine states.

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