New Solutions & Modernization: YoungWilliams Wins Contract for Child Support Services in El Paso County


New Contracts

El Paso County, Colorado, awarded YoungWilliams its third consecutive contract to provide child support services. With this new contract, YoungWilliams will implement its latest innovations and systems all of which are designed to bring even higher levels of performance and customer service to El Paso County families.

“Our customers receive help quickly and efficiently,” said Jeff Ball, YoungWilliams Regional Vice President. “Our new systems build on and support what we already have in place.” Ball will continue to oversee this project. He also serves as the Chair of the Colorado Support Commission and Co-Chair of the IV-D Task Force.

YoungWilliams’ new solution includes the implementation of Y-Trac, its proprietary case management software. Y-Trac is an automated workflow system that organizes and prioritizes daily work. Y-Trac will also improve transparency, accountability, efficiency, quality, security, and customer service.

This office is no stranger to innovation. We pride ourselves on meeting the specific needs of members of our community. For instance, the El Paso County Child Support Office has a long-standing relationship with Fort Carson. A child support specialist sets up a mobile command station at Ft. Carson once a week to ensure military families receive child support and information. The Parent Opportunity Program assists approximately 160 parents per year by helping them overcome barriers to the payment of child support. Finally, the Responsible Parent Program allows non-custodial parents convicted of contempt to defer their sentences if they are willing to work with our specialized team to find employment and address payment issues.

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