Nebraska Awards Call Center Rebid to YoungWilliams


New Contracts

YoungWilliams Operations President, Bob Johnson, announced that Nebraska has again chosen YoungWilliams to operate its statewide Child Support Customer Service Call Center.  The new contract begins August 1, 2010.

The Call Center, which won a federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) teamwork award for exemplary customer service, has been operated by YoungWilliams since 2004.  YoungWilliams also operates statewide child support call centers in Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Virginia.

YoungWilliams Manager, Lori Bengston, will continue to provide leadership to this project.  “We have enjoyed a strong partnership with the State over the past nine years and look forward to continuing to serve Nebraska and our customers at the Call Center.”

In addition to handling approximately 25,000 calls per month from Nebraska child support customers around the state, YoungWilliams has also provided a full range of child support services to residents of Douglas County (Omaha) Nebraska since 2001.


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