Missouri Awards New Call Center Contract to YoungWilliams


New Contracts

YoungWilliams has been awarded a contract to establish and operate a new child support customer service call center for the State of Missouri. Located in the capital, Jefferson City, YoungWilliams’ staff plans to handle in excess of 840,000 incoming child support calls each year. With an operational start date of September 5, 2006, YoungWilliams will provide customer service for the entire Missouri caseload of over 380,000 cases.

YoungWilliams manages the Nebraska Child Support Call Center and provides call center services for the State of Kansas State Disbursement Unit (SDU) as a subcontractor to JP Morgan Chase. Nebraska and Kansas have caseloads of 131,000 and 104,000 respectively which generate calls to YoungWilliams Call Centers. A leading provider of child support operational services, YoungWilliams has projects or offices in seven states. Exemplary customer service is one of the reasons for the tremendous growth of YoungWilliams in the past few years.

Child support agencies are continually challenged to do more with less, yet customer expectations are higher than ever. As IV-D agencies look for ways to enhance performance, improve cost efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction, customer service centers provide solutions.

The YoungWilliams combination of call center and child support operational experience brings the best of both worlds to child support call centers. YoungWilliams is one of a handful of vendors with this unique blend of experience – and among this group, the only vendor to specialize exclusively in child support. When a child support call center is in the hands of a trusted partner, a government child support agency can devote its complete attention to advancing the vital mission of the IV-D program.

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