Iowa Awards Call Center to YoungWilliams


New Contracts

The Iowa Department of Human Services, Bureau of Collections (BOC) recently awarded a $2.5 million contract for operation of its Specialized Customer Service Unit (SCSU) Center in Marshalltown, Iowa to YoungWilliams. YoungWilliams opened its doors on January 2, 2009 after a smooth transition from the previous vendor.

Almost all of the incumbent’s existing staff accepted positions with YoungWilliams, providing a full complement of staffing on the first day of operations. “We are off to a running start and are committed to delivering outstanding customer service on behalf of the Department,” commented President of Operations and Acting Project Manager Bob Johnson. Within the next few months, YoungWilliams plans to refurbish the facilities, purchase new cubicles, and establish a more modern working environment. “We really value our employees and want to show them we care by offering competitive salaries and upgrading the existing office space.”

The SCSU was established in 1998 by the BOC to provide “quality, fast, and friendly customer service, and accurate, timely, and professional responses” to its internal and external customers. The BOC sought a partner that could “represent the public face of the agency”. YoungWilliams was selected as the most qualified vendor to carry out the BOC’s vision.

Approximately 55 employees in the SCSU field about 32,000 live calls per month from custodial and non-custodial parents, and other child support customers. With five child support call centers serving over 1.1 million cases and handling nearly 250,000 live calls per month, YoungWilliams is the nation’s largest provider of child support call center services. The company also has contracts to provide other IV-D services in Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

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