“Floating” To the Top: Attorney Allyson Brock Is YoungWilliams 2022 Attorney of The Year



Appear in court in a new district multiple times? Happy to do so. Write multiple appellate briefs? No problem. Have a patient and understanding manner with difficult clients? Absolutely.

For all these reasons and more, Allyson Brock, an attorney in YoungWilliams’ Mississippi project, is the 2022 Attorney of the Year. Allyson has been with YoungWilliams since 2016, when YoungWilliams began state-wide child support operations in Mississippi. In her position as a “floating” attorney, Allyson covers areas in the state that need assistance with the legal caseload. She has worked in at least three different regions over the last ten months. Upon assignment, she starts with a review of open legal cases to ensure they are up-to-date and moving as they should through the legal process. She has taken this opportunity to do more than just cover court.

“By working with the YoungWilliams operations staff and courts, Allyson has improved existing processes, which has resulted in more efficient legal operations,” said David Love, Legal Director for the Mississippi Project.

She appears in front of multiple judges and has developed excellent working relationships with the different courts. This stems in part from her ability to quickly learn the individual preferences of each judge and the local court procedures. Her practice style has led to an improved perception of the child support program with the court and customers.

Customers are always foremost in Allyson’s mind. She is a listener and wants parents to have the opportunity to share information about their case. She takes the time to ensure the court has all the relevant information it needs to reach a good result for everyone.

“Allyson always considers the best approach to helping our clients in each case she works and understands that behind every case number there are people involved,” said Rebeca Thornhill, Assistant Legal Director for the Mississippi Project.

Congratulations Allyson!

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