Convenient and Accessible: YoungWilliams Brings New Office to Mississippi’s Capital City


New Office

YoungWilliams has joined the providers serving Jackson, Mississippi, residents with an office at the Jackson Medical Mall, a unique space well-known for its medical and health-related offices and eclectic mix of retail. Opened on March 21, this is YoungWilliams’ first office in the capital city.

The office will provide improved service for customers in the Jackson metro area, alongside YoungWilliams’ Ridgeland, Mississippi, office on County Line Road, which will continue to serve customers.

Chad Shook, Director of Child Support Enforcement for Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS), was present for the opening, and had this to say about the location: “In an on-going effort to continuously improve our level of service for our child support customers, MDHS asked YoungWilliams to evaluate their office locations around Mississippi. As part of that process, we felt it vital to have a MDHS/YoungWilliams presence in the capital city. The Medical Mall location accomplishes this goal for our customers, and we are confident that it will prove more convenient and more easily accessible for Jackson/Hinds County residents.”

The Jackson Medical Mall was established in 1996 when Jackson physician Aaron Shirley spearheaded the project to transform an abandoned shopping mall into a modern medical and retail facility. The mission of the Jackson Medical Mall is to provide healthcare for the underserved and to promote economic and community development. The Mall location provides built in security measures for customers, as well as being an easy access point.

“We expect to see some customers coming to the Jackson office who used to visit our Ridgeland location because the new office is more convenient for them,” says Jeremy Smith, Regional Vice President for YoungWilliams’ Mississippi operations. “We also expect to see customers there who have not previously visited a YoungWilliams office. Ultimately, we are excited to serve a greater number of customers than we did before.”

Customers from Jackson will still be able to use the Ridgeland location, since customers can visit any YoungWilliams office. “Due to the way our system is designed,” says Smith, “we can serve any customer, any day, any time, at any location.”

The new office’s design is compact and customer-facing. As customers walk through the door of the new office, they are greeted by a receptionist who can assist them then and there in the front office space. Customers who need additional assistance will meet with staff members in two available interview rooms behind the reception area.

“There is no wasted space,” says Daniel Smith, Director of Facilities for YoungWilliams. “There are no back offices for staff because everything is oriented toward serving the customer who walks through the door.”

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