#ChildSupportAwareness Month: YoungWilliams Celebrates Its Employees


Child Support Awareness

#Morethanajob – That is the way YoungWilliams employees across the country feel about their work. For 2022 Child Support Awareness month, YoungWilliams is excited to celebrate them and their dedication to their jobs.

Each August, YoungWilliams observes Child Support Awareness Month along with the child support community. President Bill Clinton established Child Support Awareness Month in 1995. We use this time to promote the valuable services this program provides, location of parents, establishment of paternity, establishment and enforcement of support orders, modification of orders, and the collection and disbursement of child support payments, and to acknowledge the people doing the work.

YoungWilliams has almost 30 years of child support experience. Our full-service offices make up the largest accumulated caseload of any private vendor in the nation. In addition to full-service child support offices, we operate customer service centers and a payment processing center. Our partners trust us because of our successful projects, excellent credentials, and great employees, who make everything happen.

Our employees are tireless in their work for families.  In 2021, our full-service offices collected $772 million in child support and took 11 million calls in our statewide and full-service customer contact centers. In our payment center, we receipted $378 million in child support collections, and disbursed $407 million in child support collections.

Throughout August, we have all kinds of activities planned. Because what they do is #morethanajob, our offices will be doing activities like school supply drives, open houses, and service projects. Follow @YoungWilliamsPC on Twitter and YoungWilliams on LinkedIn to see the latest events. While you are scrolling, keep an eye out for posts from our employees themselves. They are sharing what they like best about their job and what inspires them to come to work every day. We are especially excited to highlight employees who have been with the program since the first Child Support Awareness Month in 1995.

YoungWilliams considers it a privilege to be part of the child support community. Our employees aren’t alone in the quest for child support excellence. We would like to thank all the professionals across the nation who are working hard for our families. #Support4Families, #YoungWilliams

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