Child Support Awareness Month: YoungWilliams Celebrates The Child Support Program


Child Support Awareness

Each August, YoungWilliams observes Child Support Awareness Month along with the child support community. President Bill Clinton established Child Support Awareness Month in 1995. It’s a time to honor parents for the important role they play in their children’s lives and spread the word about the child support program and the services it provides.

With 28 years of experience, YoungWilliams currently has the largest accumulated caseload of any private vendor in the nation, managing full-service child support offices in addition to customer service centers and payment processing center. Our partners trust us because of our successful projects, excellent credentials, and great employees. YoungWilliams is particularly proud of the way we have served families over the last year. Even in the face of the pandemic, we ensured little to no interruption in services. Our customers needed us more than ever to help them navigate the changes in their professional and personal lives, and we were there for them with the right policies, processes, and technology.

Our employees made all this happen. They have been, and are, tireless in their work for families. Customer service is at the forefront of our child support offices, and our employees worked many hours to communicate with customers and help them.

Learn more about child support. Here are 10 facts about the program:

  • Child support services are open to anyone. Income doesn’t matter. In federal fiscal year 2020, the child support program served 13.8 million children, and YoungWilliams managed 474,000 cases in its full-service offices.
  • The program establishes of parentage, establishes of financial and medical support, enforces orders, and modifies orders.
  • Either parent can apply. Our services are also open to caretakers and guardians.
  • Applying is easy! Many states have online applications.
  • Establishing parentage provides children with emotional, social, and financial benefits.
  • Child support attorneys do not represent either parent, the caretaker, or the child.
  • The program collected $31.4 billion in child support in federal fiscal year 2020. In its full-service child support offices, YoungWilliams collected $897 million in 2020. Around 70% of child support is collected through wage withholding from employers.
  • Services are available even when parents live in different states. In fact, this is a great reason to open a child support case.
  • Circumstances change for parents. Child support orders can be adjusted to reflect those changes. The child support program can review and modify eligible orders.
  • Parents have easier access than ever to case information. Many states now have online portals for customers.

The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement website contains more resources including specific populations (i.e., incarcerated parents or military & veteran parents) along with state-specific program information.

YoungWilliams is honored to be part of the child support community. We would like to thank all the professionals across the nation who are working hard for our families.


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