Carla West Authors Article on Use of Electronic Monitoring for Delinquent Child Support



New Hanover County Program Manager Carla West authored an article that was published by the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) in the 2007 Winter Edition of its news magazine, The Child Support Quarterly. The article, entitled “Electronic Monitoring as an Enforcement Tool,” discusses how New Hanover County has successfully used electronic transmitter bracelets to encourage compliance with child support orders.

New Hanover County is continuing to refine electronic monitoring (EM) as a child support enforcement tool. So far, however, it has been found to be a cost-effective alternative to incarceration. Equipment, monitoring, staff, and administrative costs related to EM are estimated at just under $11 per day, compared with an average cost of $80 per day for jailing an offender. Additionally, EM promotes parental responsibility for child support. Delinquent parents in the EM program must be employed or actively seeking employment. They are allowed greater freedom, such as less frequent check-ins and shorter curfews, as they demonstrate a willingness to make regular payments.

In partnership with the County, YoungWilliams Child Support Services operates the New Hanover County Child Support Enforcement Office in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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