112 YoungWilliams Attorneys Form Professional Association


YW Bar Association

YoungWilliams has launched its own bar association to promote high professional, ethical, and educational standards among its 112 attorneys who serve its government clients in child support programs across the United States.  Facilitated by YoungWilliams’ attorney, Ellen Rutledge, the association provides a forum for interaction and professional development of YoungWilliams’ legal staff.

The YW Bar Association trains attorneys through continuing legal education sessions, an online attorney education website, and regular webinars.  The specialized website serves as a virtual gathering point for attorneys to meet, share ideas, collaborate, and keep abreast of legal trends, federal and state statutes, regulations, policies, and case law, and features a wiki library for child support and family law.  YoungWilliams attorneys are able to update the content with recent legal decisions and activities that impact their profession, and interact through discussion boards

An attorney himself, YoungWilliams’ President and founder, Rob Wells conceived the idea of the YW Bar Association and enlisted Rutledge to make his vision a reality.  “As a law firm whose practice is child support, we are responsible and accountable to our government clients to represent their interests in the best possible manner and with the highest level of professionalism. Our internal bar association is one way we ensure our attorneys have the tools they need to be experts in the very specialized practice of law in the federally authorized Title IV-D child support program.”

While membership in the YW Bar Association is currently only available to YoungWilliams’ attorneys, YoungWilliams frequently offers continuing legal education seminars in a number of states and has a Resource Library dedicated to child support that is accessible by the public.  The Library, located at  https://youngwilliams.com/resource-library, contains child support research as well as legal decisions issued by the U.S. Supreme Court and the courts of the states in which YoungWilliams operates full service child support offices. Attorneys and members of the general public may sign up on the webpage to receive updated research and decisions as these are posted.

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