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State ex rel. Secretary of SRS v. Miller (Kansas 1998)

February 1998

When a child is born out of wedlock and no credible evidence exists that the child has a presumed father, the trial court may order genetic testing in a paternity action without first conducting a best interest hearing (Ross hearing), which is to determine whether the testing would be in the best interests of the child.

State v. Batt and Filbert (Nebraska 1998)

January 1998

Even when a child has a presumptive father, a later action to determine paternity is not barred although clear and convincing evidence is necessary to rebut presumption.

In re Marriage of Scott (Kansas 1998)

January 1998

Income withholding for purposes of enforcement of child support obligations is provided by Kansas statute.

Prochaska v. Prochaska (Nebraska 2009)

January 1998

When setting a child support obligation for an obligor with multiple families, the court may deviate from a strict application of the guidelines as long as it considers the facts of the case.

In re Marriage of Johnson (Kansas 1997)

December 1997

If a reasonable person could conclude that a parent is not deliberately unemployed or underemployed, it is not an abuse of discretion for the district court to refuse to impute the parent's former income in calculating the child support obligation.

In re Marriage of Johnson (Kansas 1997)

December 1997

Under the Kansas Child Support Guidelines, income may be imputed to the non-custodial parent if that parent is deliberately unemployed or underemployed.

In re Marriage of Johnson (Kansas 1997)

December 1997

For child support computations, where a parent is paying for family health insurance that covers individuals from more than one family, the cost of the family coverage should be divided among the number of individuals who are covered by the insurance and that number should then be multiplied by the number of children subject to the child support order.

State ex rel. Secretary of SRS v. Cunningham (Kansas 1997)

November 1997

The legislature's use of the word "assistance" in Kansas statute is intended to apply to all kinds of assistance, including medical assistance.

In re Support of Morgan (Kansas 1997)

September 1997

Kansas requires a parent to repay all assistance provided on the child's behalf, not some portion of that assistance determined by the district court.

Hollingshead v. Hollingshead (Wyoming 1997)

July 1997

In the absence of statute, a decree for periodic payments of child support creates sequential judgments enforceable under the statutory procedures for enforcement of judgments.