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YoungWilliams Receives Tennessee Award for Customer Focus

February 13, 2018

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) presented its 2017 Customer Focus Award to the YoungWilliams-operated Nashville child support office, which provides services to Davidson County residents. YoungWilliams was nominated for “maintaining the trust of customers, partners, and the public by demonstrating excellence in service delivery, results, and effective fiscal stewardship.”  

As part of its focus on customers, YoungWilliams created a resource center for parents to access information about employment, continuing education, child care, parenting classes, upcoming job fairs, and affordable mediation for parenting scheduling. The resource center, which is adjacent to the waiting room, is furnished with a desk, laptop, partner agency publications, and a list of useful websites.  The attractive family-friendly office also contains a children’s play corner and private meeting spaces for parents to discuss child support matters with YoungWilliams case specialists.



YoungWilliams Releases 2017 Infographic

February 12, 2018

In partnership with its government clients, YoungWilliams delivers services to families in child support and health and human service programs across the United States.  Its recently released 2017 infographic illustrates the breadth of services YoungWilliams provides: 

  • Managed over 545,000 cases
  • Collected over $820 million in child support
  • Receipted and disbursed over $420 million child support collections
  • Answered over 500,000 calls in its health and human services contact centers
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NCSEA and YoungWilliams: A Strong Partnership

January 09, 2018

YoungWilliams has been a friend and sponsor to the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) for over a decade, contributing time, talent, and financial support of the organization.

NCSEA President, Diane Potts, stated, “We recently launched our new corporate partnership program, and YoungWilliams’ was one of the first firms to sign on.  YoungWilliams has been a consistent member, sponsor, and exhibitor, and can be counted upon to contribute in other ways.  YoungWilliams personnel always step forward to serve on committees, present at conferences, and attend educational events.”

Rob Wells

Pew Charitable Trusts Interviews YoungWilliams President Rob Wells

December 06, 2017

YoungWilliams President Rob Wells has been interviewed by the Pew Charitable Trusts for an article entitled, “Gig Economy Gives Child Support Scofflaws a Place to Hide.”  The article explored barriers with respect to collecting child support through wage withholding from on-demand car services such as Uber and Lyft, and other members of the new economic model known as the “gig economy” where workers are independent contractors who free-lance to transport passengers, make deliveries, or provide short-term lodging.



Top Ten Best Law Firm

YoungWilliams Recognized as a Top Ten Colorado Law Firm

December 04, 2017

The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys recognized YoungWilliams’ El Paso County Child Support Services legal team as one of the top ten family law firms in the state of Colorado.  In order to qualify for this prestigious rating, a law firm must attain the highest degree of professional achievement in family law, and have an impeccable client satisfaction rating.

The firm operates under a contract with El Paso County to provide child support services in compliance with Title IV-D of the federal Social Security Act on behalf of the county.  This entails establishing paternity, and establishing, enforcing, and modifying child support obligations. The YoungWilliams’ legal team, headed by Christina Eigel, includes three staff attorneys and eight legal assistants. 


YW Bar Association Logo

112 YoungWilliams Attorneys Form Professional Association

November 28, 2017

YoungWilliams has launched its own bar association to promote high professional, ethical, and educational standards among its 112 attorneys who serve its government clients in child support programs across the United States.  Facilitated by YoungWilliams’ attorney, Ellen Rutledge, the association provides a forum for interaction and professional development of YoungWilliams’ legal staff.

The YW Bar Association trains attorneys through continuing legal education sessions, an online attorney education website, and regular webinars.  The specialized website serves as a virtual gathering point for attorneys to meet, share ideas, collaborate, and keep abreast of legal trends, federal and state statutes, regulations, policies, and case law, and features a wiki library for child support and family law.  YoungWilliams attorneys are able to update the content with recent legal decisions and activities that impact their profession, and interact through discussion boards.

YoungWilliams Celebrates Child Support Awareness Month

August 16, 2017

YoungWilliams joins its public partners in recognizing August as national Child Support Awareness Month, a time to honor parents for the important role they play in their children’s lives.  It is also the time to spread the word about the child support program and the services it provides. All states and U.S. territories participate in the national child support program.  In 2016, this program served over 15.6 million children with collections totaling $28.8 billion.  As the nation’s largest private sector child support service provider, YoungWilliams is proud to be part of this important national effort, managing 554,000 cases and collecting nearly $840 million last year in collaboration with its state and local government partners. 

New Hanover County Awards Fourth Consecutive Contract to YoungWilliams

August 06, 2017

Completing its competitive procurement process, the New Hanover County Commission selected YoungWilliams to operate its child support program.  YoungWilliams has been a continuous partner to New Hanover County since 2004, when it began managing the child support office located in Wilmington, North Carolina.  The new contract period commenced July 1, 2017.  The YoungWilliams’ office manages about 6,800 cases, and collected nearly $13 million last year.

$4 Billion Payments Processed and a Decade of Service!

July 17, 2017

This month, the Kansas Payment Center (KPC) celebrated its ten-year anniversary.  A successful public-private partnership between the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) and YoungWilliams, the KPC has processed more than 20.7 million child support receipts, totaling $4 billion dollars.  Under YoungWilliams’ management, the KPC has increased the percentage of payments processed electronically from 27% in 2007 to 66% today, contributing to the accuracy and efficiency of the program.  Electronic payments are convenient and cost-effective for employers who withhold and remit child support payments on behalf of their employees. 


YoungWilliams Executives Co-Author Child Support Book

May 19, 2017

YoungWilliams Vice Presidents Jeff Ball and Mary Ann Wellbank recently published a book they co-authored, “The Insiders’ Guide to Child Support:  How the System Works.”   Combined, Ball and Wellbank have over five decades of experience with the national child support enforcement program.  “We hope our book will help single and separated parents understand the laws under which government child support (IV-D) programs operate, and educate them as to their rights, responsibilities, and options. New child support professionals might benefit as well.”