Lageman v. Lageman (Mississippi 2021)

No. 2019-CA-01270-COA (Miss App. 2021)
March 2021

When a parent’s annual adjusted gross income exceeds $100,000, a court must make findings as to whether the application of the guidelines is reasonable. The final decree of divorce ordered the father to pay support in the amount equaled to twenty percent of his adjusted gross income. The father appealed arguing the amount was higher than the children’s expenses. The appellate court affirmed the amount. The chancery court supported its decision with detailed findings. It analyzed the trial testimony, the required financial statements, the children’s expenses and lifestyle, and the reasonableness of the award. While the expenses listed on the mother’s statement were less than the amount of support, she didn’t include other costs related to raising the children including housing, utilities, and other expenses. The appellate court found no error in the decision.