Descher v. Descher (Mississippi 2020)

No. 2018-CA-01338-COA (Miss. Ct. App. 2020)
January 2020

For parents with high incomes, the child support guidelines allow for a deviation when applying the guidelines isn’t reasonable. The parents filed for divorce. The father owned and/or co-owned businesses that earned millions of dollars in revenue each year. The chancery court determined his monthly adjusted gross income to be $71,377.00. The mother worked for the business and earned substantially less. The chancery court calculated support using the statutory guidelines of twenty percent of the father’s income, but then reduced the monthly support amount to $7,500.00. The father appealed the support calculation among other issues. He argued that the children’s monthly living expenses were not that high. The appellate court upheld hte decision finding that the children were entitled to a continuation of their standard of living and that the court hadn’t abused its discretion in setting support.