Denham v. Denham (Mississippi 2022)

No. 2020-CA-00675-COA (Miss. Ct. App. 2022)
February 2022

The Mississippi child support guidelines base support on a parent’s current income. In this divorce case, the final decree ordered guideline support plus an amount for extra-curricular activities. The father appealed the divorce decree, arguing errors in the calculation of his income, the award of health insurance, and the additional money for extra-curricular activities. The appellate court affirmed the child support provisions of the decree. The chancery court correctly used his current income to calculate support. While the order didn’t specify the cost of health insurance, findings determined insurance was available to the parents and both had enough income to cover the cost. The appellate court also affirmed the award of money to cover extra-curricular activities. Evidence supported the award. The decree included findings stating the court’s preference to award money for extra-curriculars in cases where the parents had a contentious relationship in hopes of avoiding future controversy.